St. Patrick's Day’s Top 5 Pet Essentials for your Four-Legged Friends!

By Tiffany Wu

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They’re not just a pet, they’re family! After you bring home your furry companion for life, you realize that their everyday needs take up more than just a leash and a food bowl. The laundry list of pet essentials can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a guide of the absolute must-haves to put your mind at ease for Fido to live a long and happy life!


GPS Tracking

Fi Collar

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As must as we would love to be with our pets, 24/7, the reality is that there are times we will need to step away and what better way to keep your furry loved one close with none other than a GPS collar?

The Fi Collar has real-time GPS tracking and 200% LTE signal that will allow you to track Fido in the most remote areas and on hikes. It has 400Ibs+ resistance to handle the worst chewers and pullers and up to 3 months of battery life after one charge.

The Fi Collar even tracks sleep patterns and strain activity, providing health updates in real time.  

The Series 3 collection is not only 50% lighter, but is also suitable for dogs of all sizes.



VitaEssentials Minnows

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You can get all the benefits of raw feeding without the mess! Raw feeding has been known to help build immunity and keep the heart healthy for those most energetic play sessions. We are all super concerned pet parents who want to ensure that our fur babies are fed the most balanced and nutritious meals and the best means to do so is through protein, protein, protein! With whole animal butcher cut protein, the VitaEssential Minnows are the perfect single ingredient guilt-free treats to use for training or as a topper to spice up any boring old kibble.



NonStop DogWear Harness

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Picture it. The sun is shining, the trees are greener than they have ever been after a rainy day and your dog is looking up at you with those eyes that you can’t resist but say, “who wants to go for a walk?”

With the Y-shaped neck for unrestricted movement, your dog will be able to comfortably stride alongside you in maximum comfort. Perfect for some long-line work or as a seatbelt harness for extra security on long car rides.



Lick Mats

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If your dog is anything like mine, baths are the vein of his existence. But smear on a bit of peanut butter or spreadable substance of your choice on these licking mats, and bath time becomes a little less scary.

Lick mats are a great distraction for nail trimmings, bath time, or other grooming needs. The suction pads at the bottom allows for easy placement in modern day bathtubs, fridges and walls.

They’re also a great rainy day or decompression activity on days where you are not able to take your dogs on long walks, but still want to give Fido a bit of mental stimulation to reduce destructive or anxious behavior.


Everyday Use

Litto Howler Fanny Pack

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Phone. Check. Keys. Check. Treats. Check. As a dog dad or mom, we have a lot to carry, even if we’re only going on a light stroll around the park. The adventure pack from Litto Howler is not only stylish but also great for carrying all your everyday pet essentials.

It is water resistant and includes 3 zipper compartments that even include a poop bag dispenser!

Even on days where you’re off duty as a dog parent, this pack is great as an everyday bag for quick trips to the pet store to stock up on all of Fido’s favorite treats and toys!

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